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  • How do you restore my battery?
    We remove the old (broken) cells from the housing and replace them with powerful new cells! This way your E-bike will ride back like before, or even better!
  • Can my battery become more powerful than before?
    That's certainly possible!We replace the old cells with new powerful Samsung cells.If your housing is large enough, we may be able to replace the cells with cells with a (much) higher capacity or that there is room for extra cells! The higher the capacity of the individual cells, the more powerful your battery. The more cells you can fit in your housing, the more powerful your battery. And the more powerful your battery, the longer you will be able to cycle electrically. If we have space left in the housing or if there is a higher capacity available than in the battery, we will always let you know so that you can choose whether you want a more powerful battery or just want to keep the original capacity. Did you know... if your battery is lower than 9Ah we will automatically bring it to 9Ah for the same price! This way you can drive electrically for longer.
  • Is there a difference between a new battery and a repaired battery?
    No, there is absolutely no difference between the two batteries! Although... The capacity of the battery can often be increased even more (during the repair), which ensures that your bicycle can cycle further electrically than with a new battery! A new battery is often in stock at the supplier, which means that the cells are already a bit outdated when they end up in your bike. We receive a weekly delivery of new cells directly from Samsung, making the cells brand new.
  • What is the price of a bicycle battery repair?
    The full price list can be found on our PRICES page. To find out the price you need to know some information, these can often be read from the battery (and/or the motor). If we can't repair your battery, you pay nothing.
  • Can I reuse my old charger?
    Yes! In most cases you can continue to use the original charger. If you want your battery to be charged faster, you can get a fast charger (4A) from us. In most cases, this doubles the loading speed! When to buy a new charger: - If you have a battery with an old type of cells and want to have modern cells (with a much higher capacity -read: driving distance-) inserted. You can obtain this charger from us. - Sometimes if your battery electronics (BMS) is damaged (depending on make / model) If a new charger is needed for the battery, we can offer it to you!
  • Could it be that my battery already needs to be replaced?
    Bicycle batteries (like all rechargeable batteries) are wear parts. They usually last 3-5 years depending on a number of factors (# recharges, ...)
  • At what time is my battery recovered?
    Your battery is usually recovered within a week. The lead time is currently approximately 1 week. (last update: 7/11/2022) In the summer it is often much busier than in the winter, so we recommend that you mainly bring your battery inside if it no longer works. Can you continue with your battery (do you experience a limited capacity loss) and can you not miss the battery for too long? Then we recommend that you bring it in from October/November. Our turnaround time is usually less than a week in winter. We will contact you as soon as we have examined the battery (so not as soon as you have brought in the battery), before that we don't have much to tell you. Once you have returned the battery, we have received it and will contact you as soon as possible, there is no need to ask if we have received the battery. Last but not least: We would rather offer you good work than fast work!
  • How does the procedure work?
    1. You send us* or bring it in, together with the chargerand the recovery form 2. We will contact you as soon as we have examined the battery, so you can usually choose from 2 to 3 capacities (the same capacity or a higher capacity). Please note, we will only contact you after we have examined the battery, not when we receive them! We don't have much to say until we've examined the battery. 3. We repair your battery 4. We will send you a payment link via email (or you pay on collection) 5. After receipt of payment we will send your renewed battery back*shipping is always at your own risk
  • My battery has a capacity lower than 9Ah
    If the capacity of your battery is lower than 9Ah, we will automatically bring it to 9Ah for the same price (€299)! This way you can drive more cheaply and for longer.We may be able to expand the capacity to significantly increase your range!
  • Do you overhaul Stromer batteries?
    Stromer ST1: We can overhaul all Stromer ST1 batteries (and expand to maximum 630Wh)! Stromer ST1X, ST2,...: Only the models with 3 screws (as in the example below) can be overhauled. However, different prices apply for this type of batteries, since a special technique must be applied to these batteries (we charge €60 extra on top of the normal revision price for this type). This also makes the revision time slightly longer. Please note, the overhaul of this type of batteries is carefully manual customization. Keep in mind that it can always happen that after an overhaul the electronics block and the battery will no longer work. You will of course not pay anything, but we will keep track of the content (the cells). The only other option is to order a new battery (we can always help you with this).
  • Do you also sell new batteries?
    If your battery cannot be overhauled, you can obtain a new battery from us. We are the official retailer of original and compatible Bosch batteries (with normal or higher capacity than is possible through remanufacturing (600Wh - 750Wh)). This makes your E-Bike with Bosch motor and battery a real mile-eater! More information can be found here
  • Can I pay with ecocheques?
    Yes!You can certainly pay with ecocheques with us! How do you do this concretely? - If you come to drop off/pick up the battery, you can easily bring it with you. - Do you send the battery? Then send your ecocheques along with the battery.Please note, we only accept paper Sodexo Eco-cheques! (Soon we will also be able to digitally accept your eco-cheques, this is currently still under development)
  • What if the battery cannot be recovered?
    If (in the worst case scenario) we can't repair the battery, you pay nothing at all!NO CURE, NO PAY! In very few cases, the electronics are damaged, even though your battery is currently still working. (severe) corrosion or small sparks (starting short circuits) can occur on the printed circuit board. If we encounter these phenomena, we cannot recover the battery for safety reasons. If we were to repair these anyway, there is an increased risk of fire. With these batteries, we separate the cells and the electronics from each other as standard so that there is no longer any risk, the battery will no longer function and a new battery will have to be looked for as revision is then not possible. In case of a real fire hazard, the cells are removed and immediately transported in a closed container to a recycling plant. If your battery has already been repaired and your bicycle for some reason does not work (while the battery is OK) and you only want the battery case back, you may have to pay €125 for an expert assessment. will be charged.
  • What if my battery electronics are damaged?
    It can often be solved by replacing the battery's BMS (battery management system), which comes to €65.In some cases, the charger also needs to be replaced, most chargers can be obtained from us for €65. In the event that the bicycle communicates with the battery unit, a repair of the battery electronics is unfortunately not possible. Then it may be an option to also replace the motor of the bicycle (by a stronger and more modern model). For this you can always contact us via our contact form or take a look at
  • What warranty do you give on the repaired battery?
    We provide a standard 2 year warranty on our new batteries, the legal provisions apply. We always give a 1 year warranty on the repairs. Note:- The warranty applies to assembly errors, manufacturing errors and production errors, not to loss of capacity. This is usually the result of incorrect use of the battery (charging, discharging, incorrect battery charger, user errors or (in)direct consequential damage of the customer or third party; - In the event that the original electronics should break down afterwards, the warranty expires (but in most cases we can replace the electronics at a preferential rate, unless the electronics communicate with your bike)*; - No financial guarantee;- Warranty expires if the battery is not properly maintained and is too deeply discharged (never put the battery away empty and recharge the battery every month to avoid this, this is not only important with refurbished batteries but also with new ones).A good explanation about deep discharge can be found at discharge The warranty does not apply to: Faults caused by incorrect operation, e.g. Overheating, misconnection, short circuit or reverse polarity, immersion in water, cleaning with high pressure or steam cleaners, deep discharge, reverse polarity or dropping Use of accessories not approved by Ebattery accidental or intentional damage (from falls, water, etc.) Defects due to normal wear and tear Operation outside the technical specifications Damage that does not arise directly on the device for which we accept the warranty Changes / repairs / conversions / internal parts or upgrades not performed by the Ebattery service point. Only use our service for repairs Greasing the contacts with contact spray or something similar Optical damage that does not lead to functional damage or can be remedied by cleaning * In the exceptional case the original electronics break down after overhaul and we cannot replace the electronics (if this is possible, the electronics can usually be replaced for €65) we will refund you part of the cost of the overhaul . This amount is reduced by 15% each month with a maximum refund of 70% of the amount paid. So, for example, the electronics break down after 2 months (and we cannot replace it), you will receive 70% of the value of the revision from us. Some batteries with a rear light may not work after replacing the electronics. If this is the case, you can obtain a separate battery-operated tail light from us on request. * If the electronics communicate with your bicycle, it may be an option to also replace the motor of the bicycle (with a stronger and more modern model). For this you can always contact us via our contact form or take a look at
  • Volvo Key Tag / Volvo active key / Volvo sport key battery replacement? Volvo Key Tag / Volvo active key / Volvo sport key battery replacement?
    Volvo Key Tag / Volvo active key / Volvo sport key battery replacement? ​ We replace the battery of the Volvo Key Tag / Active Key / Sport Key for you, while the key retains its waterproof features. A new key easily costs around €300 at the dealer. The Key Tag has a lifespan of +- 2-3 years (depending on use).We will replace the battery for you for €99 (including shipping within Belgium). The repair time for a Volvo Key Tag is one working day. ​ Volvo Key Tag / Volvo active key / Volvo sport key battery replacement? ​ We replace the battery of the Volvo Key Tag / Active Key / Sport Key for you, while the key retains its waterproof characteristics. A new key easily costs around €300 at the dealer. The Key Tag has a lifespan of +- 2-3 years (depending on use).We can replace the battery for you for only €99 (including shipping within Belgium). The revision time for a Volvo Key Tag is about one working day. The Key Tag can be sent to:batteryKadodderstraat 1A 2800 Mechelen Belgium Please don't forget to include your name, address, email address (and phone number)!
  • Which batteries cannot be reconditioned?
    Cannot be revised: - Accell X (Ion) all types (Sparta, batavus,...) - BionX X Ride+ C320/C420/R250 Note, BionX batteries with firmware 112 (your bicycle mechanic can check this) cannot be overhauled. The electronics switches itself off at lower than permitted voltage. All firmwares for 111 can be overhauled perfectly! With the BionX X Ride+ R320, R260 T500 it is no problem, if the electronics are intact, these batteries can always be overhauled.
  • Connect battery?
    In very rare cases, the battery must be connected to the bicycle. This is a theft protection mechanism which means that the battery can only be used on 1 bicycle.You can contact your bicycle mechanic for this.
  • Reset battery?
    Do you want to reset your battery? Is your bicycle battery no longer working properly? Is your battery broken? There are several ways to try to get your battery to work. Cycle the battery until it no longer provides support and place the battery on the charger. You can also try taking the battery out and letting it come to room temperature. Due to the cold, the battery may not charge. Once the battery has reached room temperature, place the battery on the charger. Have you tried the above steps and it still doesn't work? In these cases you can still try to reset your battery by means of the reset button on some bicycle batteries. Below we explain how the reset button works with different batteries. How to reset your Flyer battery It is possible to reset your Flyer battery yourself. This can be done by means of the indicator button on the battery. Remove the battery from the bicycle and place it on the charger. As soon as the battery is fully charged, remove the battery from the charger. Now that the battery is fully charged, you can reset the Flyer battery by holding the indicator button. Do this for about 20 to 30 seconds. Once the lights go out on the display, press and hold the button. Then place the battery on the charger with the button still pressed. The battery will now continue charging, and you can release the button. You may have to repeat this up to 2 times. As soon as the battery is fully charged, you can completely empty the bicycle battery until the support is no longer available. You will notice that you can continue cycling again. The Flyer battery has now been reset. Reset your Gazelle battery yourself The Gazelle Innergy can easily be reset yourself, you can reset your Gazelle battery using the button on the back of the bicycle battery. The gazelle innergy battery reset button is incorporated in the back of the lamp. You can use this reset button if the battery no longer starts up. This way you can hold the button for a few seconds. In many cases the display will come back on by itself and the battery reset has been successful. You can now charge the battery again until it is fully charged again. Reset Gazelle Innergy Indicator With many Gazelle batteries, the indicator does not correspond to the number of kilometers that can still be cycled. This is because the gazelle Innergy batteries determine the capacity based on the kilometers driven. As soon as the battery shows wear, it will indicate a lower mileage. It is possible to reset your Gazelle bicycle battery yourself. With the method below you can easily reset your Gazelle Innergy gold battery yourself. This works the same for silver, bronze and platinum. You can easily reset your gazelle battery yourself. To make the Gazelle indicator correspond to the actual kilometers traveled, you must fully charge the battery before you start cycling. As soon as the battery is fully charged, cycle the battery until the support is no longer available. This should be repeated 4 to 6 times. After this, the indicator will better correspond to the number of kilometers you can drive. Reset Giant battery Can you reset your Giant battery? It is possible to cycle your Giant battery completely empty until the support is lost. If you do this after the battery has been fully charged, you have had a total charging cycle with your Giant battery. If you keep track of the distance traveled on the display, you know exactly how far you can get with your Giant battery. If the capacity does not meet your expectations, we have a solution for you. We can increase the capacity of your bicycle battery. And in a number of cases raise your Giant Twist battery yourself. Please see our Giant Revision page. We overhaul most brands Reset Bosch battery Easily reset your Bosch battery yourself by pressing the reset button. This reset button is located next to the indicator on the battery. This button is also used to display the degree of fill. Press and hold the button for a few seconds, at least 20 seconds to reset the battery. The battery is completely reset. Fully charge the battery again until it is fully charged. The battery is fully charged as soon as the LEDs on the battery go out. You can then cycle until the battery no longer provides support. You have now completely discharged and reset the battery. Reset BionX battery Resetting your BionX battery works as follows. You can easily do this yourself. We explain in detail how this works: Make sure that your battery is fully charged. Turn on your electric bicycle. Press and hold the on/off button on the display for at least 20 seconds. You will notice that the front and rear lamps will flash in quick succession. This means that the reset is complete. The bicycle battery now shows the correct filling level again. If you have a revised BionX bicycle battery, the capacity is increased in many cases and the indicator is not always correct. You will then be able to continue cycling on the last block for much longer. Reset your Trek battery It is possible to reset your pull battery yourself. This differs per drive system. Trek bikes come with either the BionX drive system or the new Bosch drive system. Both drive systems have already been explained on this page. Reset your bicycle battery regularly If you regularly discharge your battery completely and then put it back on the charger, you will have a better idea of the actual range. This can be done, for example, once a month if you cycle a lot. If you use your electric bicycle less, you can also do this every six months. Article from KWS
  • Do I need to do anything special after the repair?
    Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery packs only reach their full capacity after about 10 charges/discharges. This phase is extremely important for a bicycle battery and largely determines the life of the battery, so it is important to follow the next steps carefully. - When you get the battery back, charge it completely - Cycle until the battery is empty (of course you can spread this over a number of rides) - Then fully charge the battery again You do this x10 in a row!
  • The same capacity as the original but still a lower driving range?
    Does your battery have the same capacity as the original, but can you cycle fewer kilometers?This often has to do with the (normal) wear and tear of your bicycle. Firstly, your motor is a bit older, so in many cases it requires more power from your battery. This means that your battery will be 'drained out' faster. Your bike itself will of course also get a bit older, and the moving parts (bearings wear out, brakes might tighten a little harder,...) become a little stiffer, which increases the rolling resistance of the bicycle. As a result, the motor has to work harder to reach the same speed and thus draws more power from the battery.To be sure that you achieve a good driving range, we can certainly (if possible) recommend a higher capacity. In many cases, choosing the same capacity as the original is accompanied by a slightly lower realistic driving range.
  • Some tips to keep your battery in the best condition
    - Are you not using your electric bicycle for a while? Charge the battery at least once a month! - It is best to keep the battery indoors, a Li-Ion battery can lose up to 50% capacity in the cold!
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