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What do you need to know about an electric bicycle battery?

What is the difference between a 24V, 36V and 48V (or more) battery?

A higher voltage = more power

Compare it to the horsepower of a car, more horsepower = more power

What does the Capacity (Ah) of a battery mean?

The Capacity (expressed in Ah) can be compared with the fuel tank of a car

The higher the Capacity, the higher the range of the electric bicycle

Sometimes it is possible to increase the Capacity of the battery because we use high capacity battery cells. This allows you to ride your bike longer before you have to charge it.

The capacity of my battery is indicated in Watt-hours (Wh)?

Watt hours can be described as the total energy in the battery pack

It is the combination of the Voltage and the Capacity (#Wh = V x Ah)

You can always find more info in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) , or via the contact form

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