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Our prices

To know the price of your renewed battery you need some information
You can usually find this on the battery and/or on the motor (or in the data of your bike)

24V battery

36V battery

48V battery

Stromer batteries


We can overhaul all Stromer ST1 batteries (and expand to maximum 630Wh)!

We can also overhaul some ST2, ST1X, ... batteries for you. More information about this can be found in our FAQ.


If we can't repair your battery, you simply don't pay anything, we think that's normal!

You only have to pay the possible shipping costs (only if you want the battery back of course).

Different price?

You may have come across a lower price for the repair elsewhere and are wondering why we charge a different price?
The explanation is that we only use (specially designed for electric bicycle batteries) high capacity Samsung battery cells to overhaul your E-bike battery.
'If it's too good to be true, it usually isn't' is the best statement we can come up with. 
Cheaper providers often use cheaper (or often second-class or second-hand) battery cells or only replace the most worn-out batteries, which means that the quality of your battery will decrease faster (and you will therefore receive a new or refurbished battery faster). bike battery will need). 

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