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Have your battery repaired = Ecologically responsible!

Did you know that you can pay with Ecocheques?

The choice to have your battery repaired (overhauled) is an ecologically responsible choice.
That is why you can pay with (paper) Ecocheques from Sodexo!

What makes restoring so ecological?

By having your battery repaired you reduce the (chemical) waste mountain, we do this in various ways:

- The old battery cells that are no longer strong enough for your E-bike, but still have sufficient capacity, are placed in other devices such as Powerbanks (to charge your mobile phone).
After a nice review you will also receive a free power bank with a number of (your?) recycled cells!

- The old battery cells that are broken are recycled, the parts are separated from each other here and reprocessed for other applications.

- We ensure that the electronics and housing are reused, which drastically reduces the waste mountain (so we restore the batteries as good as zero waste)!

You can always find more info in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) , or via the contact form

What to do with eco vouchers? You can exchange your eco vouchers with us! We accept eco vouchers for all battery repairs.

What do you do with your eco vouchers? Not sure what to do with your eco vouchers? Have your bicycle battery repaired with us, we will be happy to accept your eco vouchers.

Ebattery Ecologisch milieu
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